Weight Loss Success Strategies Simple Living Tips For a Stronger Heart & Healthy Body


Our bodies are designed to create fat to protect us. Before our modern days of convenience foods and unhealthy diets, where overeating is the norm and not the exception, that wasn’t a problem. People couldn’t always get hold of enough to eat as easily and they didn’t have as many processed or convenience foods. So, their bodies stored fat as something that they actually might have needed. Today we get too much food, more than our body needs, so we store the excess and end up with too much fat, everywhere including around our hearts. What can we do about it?

So, today we can eat all this not-so-good-for-us stuff and our bodies are able to create a lot more fat as a result. This may simply give you an image problem so you may, for example, want to lose weight around your stomach, butt and thighs. But, it can also lead to medical problems in some cases as well, including problems in the heart area.

Is healthy eating the answer to some of these issues? Yes it is!

So, let’s look at three important

Healthy Living Tips to Stay in Shape at College


Researchers are proving that for most college students, the Freshman Fifteen is a myth. Most students, though, gain five to seven pounds in their first year at school, and things just get worse from there. Starting around college, most metabolisms start to slow down, making it easier to gain weight. Before you know it, those high-school jeans could look like they fit on a pixie, and you could be fighting to lose twenty or thirty pounds. The easiest way to avoid this by far is to focus on staying in shape while you’re in college.

One of the main problems that many college students have with staying in shape is setting goals. You either set no goals at all because you feel so busy all the time or you set completely unrealistic goals. If you aren’t hitting the gym or walking around the block a few times a week, you’re not pushing yourself enough. But, on the other hand, don’t try to stay that size two you’ve been all through high school.

Even though some people stay about

Discover the Easy Ways to Lose Weight With Healthy Living Tips


Here is a Healthy Living Tip: There is something that I really don’t understand about life here in America. Why doesn’t more people care about their health when there are so many easy ways to lose weight? The quality of our health should be our number one concern. If we don’t take care of ourselves, then who will?

A friend of mine just turned 60 and he was talking about how old he was getting and how he could no longer do the things he used to. I just could not wrap my head around his comment. What you have to understand is that he is around 400 pounds and he’s only 5’8″.

I have following healthy living tips for over 35 years. I’m all but a vegetarian (I do eat seafood on rare occasion), and I eat healthier than anyone I know. And at 59, I still love mountain biking.

When I was in my early 40’s and a hardcore mountain biker, I had one of those life changing moments happen to me. I had just

Healthy Living And How To Achieve It

“I live healthy.” Doesn’t that sound great to you? Or how about, “I just got back from the gym.” People who believe in healthy living and exercise are one step above the rest. Why? Because healthy living has numerous benefits. It keeps you in great physical condition, it gives you an energy boost, sharpens your mental facilities and makes you feel good about yourself. Healthy living is basically all about having the determination and discipline to change any unhealthy habits into positive and health promoting ones.

Here are 3 healthy living tips.

Eat healthy. A complete diet will do wonders for your body. I’m not saying that you have to deprive yourself of junk food and sweets. You’ve got to allow yourself a treat once in a while but only in moderation. Besides when you become accustomed to eating healthy and your sugar level stabilizes, your body won’t crave sweets as much anymore.

Work-out. If there was a pill called exercise most diseases would be cured. We all know the benefits exercise brings us: a great body, healthy organs and feeling of well-being. But why is it so hard to do? People say they don’t

Cystic Acne Healthy Skin Tips

Healthy skin tips are really healthy living tips. If our body is healthy, our skin should be healthy. What do we need to do to be healthy? I think most of us know the answer: eat mostly healthy food, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. This will result in a healthy body. Pretty simple really, but not so easy to do.

Eat Mostly Healthy Food

You do not have to be a fanatic, but you do need to be aware of what you are putting into your body and what effect that has on its overall health and the health of your skin. It is reasonable to think that if you are feeding your body good, nutritious food you are giving it the minerals and vitamins it needs. These nutrients are adding to the health of your whole body. As your body’s largest organ, your skin must benefit from that.

If you do not know what healthy food is, then you can find out with a little research. Here is a list to help you get started:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables – particularly brightly coloured vegetables to clear your system of toxins
  • Whole grain breads

Healthy Eating Tip Sit Down and Enjoy Your Meals

It is a typical day for me. I’m between classes at NYU and only have 15 minutes to grab a bit to eat. I juggle an apple in one hand, my iPhone in the other, and still try to keep my eyes on traffic as I attempt to cross the street. It seems as though I never get time to slow down, unless I’m in my yoga class where my mind finally stops racing. And as I toss my apple core in the trash, I think about how I “can’t wait to eat a real meal later.”
For many of us, sitting down to enjoy our food has become a luxury, not a regular way of life. And creating a healthy eating plan is one luxury we should be making a priority. The benefits are a healthier, more satisfied life. I for one hate eating on the run. It is that type of mindless eating that I know can cause more issues. What is more important is being tuned in to my food.

With the invention of the TV tray to accompany the TV dinner, more Americans are finding ways to multitask while eating. These days, our

Natural Health and You Healthy Living Tips

Drink Water

Ever since time immemorial the importance of water has always been critical. Our world is 70% filled-with water and our body is made-up of water and it needs to water to survive. Taking plenty of clean water at regular intervals solve so many problems in our body, To keep the body fresh and young, you should drink copious amount of water. Water means not necessary plain water, juices, buttermilk, tender coconut, milk and all types of watery food items and fruits like watermelon can be equivalent of drinking water. Water is important in our life, so drink plenty and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Eat unprocessed real foods

Eating unprocessed real foods are very much necessary to get good health. Raw vegetables, fruits, nuts are very much necessary to lead a healthy life. Most of these unprocessed foods are highly recommended for weight loss due to its low-sugar level. Obesity, digestive disturbances may be greatly controlled by this kind of unprocessed food habits. There is a common belief about real food items that they are not affordable. By wisely using a few options, we can cut down the costs. Moreover, it will reduce the

Time Out for Healthy Living Tips for Busy Moms

Kelly is driving down a dangerous road. With kids, a full time job, running the household, an executive husband who travels a lot, and studying to get more university credits, Kelly’s health habits have really gone downhill recently. She doesn’t have time for breakfast, snacks by 10 a.m. on something sugary to get her energy up, usually grabs fast food or skips lunch altogether, and suppertime is so hectic, because the family is busy with evening activities. She doesn’t make time to exercise regularly, struggles to balance emotions with good parenting, and consequently is exhausted all the time. Help! Does this sound like someone you know….maybe even you?

This is a very familiar situation that many people find themselves in. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. I have a hunch that you know what you should be doing, it’s just that you need a little help and perspective getting “on track” with your health goals. Let’s go through a 10 minute assessment of your needs and goals for making improvements in your lifestyle. Get a pen and paper and let’s start!


If you

Healthy Living Tips to Help Get Your Diet Off of the Ground

The last half of the 20th century, along with the first decade of the 21st, has seen so many fad diets that it is a minor miracle that more people have not been harmed by the reckless gimmicks many of them proffer. Believe it or not, eating healthy and living right is an incredibly simple thing to do. In fact, your body naturally wants to, it is only when we develop unhealthy habits over the years that we get ourselves bogged down in damaging lifestyles. By keeping these simple things in mind, finding a diet that fits your needs will be the easiest thing you have ever set out to do.

Beat The Fat By Eating Delicious Beets

Beets are a source of vitamins and minerals, are low-calorie and extremely filling, taste great when paired with most any dish, and can be eaten raw or cooked. Beets are sort of nature’s miracle food. If you are looking for a good source of vegetables and you do not like broccoli or cauliflower, beets might be what you are looking for.

Make Mealtimes About Only Your Meals, Nothing Else

Do not watch television when you eat,

Healthy Living Tips Best Foods That Prevent High Blood Pressure

Do you know that “Prevention is better than cure?”

A lot of people do not even know that high blood pressure can be prevented by proper dieting. If you do not want to suffer from this silent killer disease, this article will provide you with some healthy foods that prevent high blood pressure.

Learn to Eat Snails
Snails are very medicinal and can help you reduce this plight. Snails can be found all around you. I do not really know what is in snails that make them medicinal, but it lowers high blood pressure according to recent research. Include it in your meals as meat.

Eat Sea Foods
Great bouquets of foods that keep this disease away are the sea foods. They are includes fishes, shrimps and every other edible living plants that can be found on the water. They are better off than red meat which is not advisable to be taken by a hypertensive patient.

Eat Plant Proteins
Some plants yield healthy foods that keep hypertension away. Beans for example are the best form of protein ever and because it has a high percentage of tissue repairing nutrients, it can help your

Silent Killers And Healthy Living Tips

Men are the heads of the home and in most cases the bread winners of their homes. It is only one who is healthy that can think of what to do and how to provide for his family. Therefore it is very essential for men to be careful with their health. Health they say is wealth. When you are healthy, you may not know the grace you are enjoying as a human being. A lot of wealthy men today are suffering from bad health and can do everything humanly possible to live healthy. But in the contrary money may not actually buy health. Money may buy you drugs, but it cannot buy you good health. Most men today are suffering from ailments they carelessly aloud to come to them as a result of reckless living. Food is good and very necessary and essential for healthy living, but you must eat the right type of food and in the right proportion to stay healthy. In this article I am going to discuss on the general health of men, the silent killers or ailments that affect men and women alike as well as some healthy tips to help us stay

Healthy Living Tips Juicers For Any Lifestyle

Healthy living isn’t just a temporary change in your daily life, it’s a lifestyle. The steps to living a healthier life depend on what you’re looking to achieve. Is it a transformed body, more energy, or perhaps something as simple as eating healthier? Changing a few bad habits today can produce health benefits over time which will give you the confidence you need to continue on your way to a healthier life. Regardless of your goal, one simple and effective change you can put into use right now is a quick and easy change to your diet by incorporating a juicer into your daily life. The best way to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function at peak performance is to juice your own fruits and vegetables in the comfort of your own home. To determine the juicer that’s right for you, take a look at these guidelines and recommendations to determine the right juicer for your lifestyle.

First you need to determine what you’re looking for. Are you interested in juicing a certain type of fruit? If so, you may want to look into a specialty line that is made exactly for your purpose. A citrus juicer is one specialty

Healthy Living Tips The Zen of Exercise and Healthy Food

In this article I will be writing about how to enjoy and get a deep satisfaction from exercise and eating really good healthy food.

There is a Zen to all things we do, what I mean is, that there is a mindful relaxed way do things that gives a person a sense of contentment, fulfillment, calm, a generally positive result from what you are doing.

With exercise’s like Tai Chi, QiGong, yoga and other martial arts style exercise’s there is an inherent zen quality built in. I believe that other types of exercise can also be done with zen quality. Riding a bicycle gives me a very zen experience, I relax and enjoy the motion, the air, the sensation of propulsion. Running can be a very meditative zen experience, I get into my own head and through the repetitive aspect of jogging I go into a zen like state that is conducive to meditation.

Even working out with weights can be performed in a mindful zen fashion. Especially when you concentrate on the feeling of the muscle activity and joint movement.

Eating good food also has a zen feeling when you slow down and

5 Simple Healthy Living Tips To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Everyone daydreams of being fitter, healthier, slimmer, richer, or happier. Do you fall asleep at night your mind bursting with ideas and when you wake do you smile, glad to be alive, eager and keen to get stuck into your day? Or are you stuck in a rut; tied to a job you hate or relationship which drags you down and you long to break free from?

In today’s post, I will share with you five simple healthier living tips which you can use to encourage you to see how easy it is to find a way to make your dreams reality.

Five Healthier Living Tips To Help You Bring Your Dreams To Life

1. Look after your health

This is the key ingredient in dream building. A healthy body is vital to your well being. Take a rain check for a moment, be honest and take a look at your physical, emotional, spiritual and even financial health. How do you feel about what you see? Are there areas you would like to change and be different?

Action Tip: If there is something you would like to improve, whether it’s a matter of

Healthy Living Tips Starting an Exercise Program

I remember when my doctor suggested that I start an exercise regime. He said start by walking, and then you can work your way up to jogging. I thought to myself, “jogging, what are you kidding, I’m forty pounds overweight”. Well here it is about a8 months later, I’m down about thirty pounds, and can actually make it around the track for a couple miles. This article will provide some healthy living tips in regards to starting an exercise program.

Naturally, before beginning any exercise program, check with your doctor and make sure he gives you the “go ahead”, prior to starting any exercise program. As a matter of fact, there are many physicians today that provide their patients with healthy living tips in regards to exercise and diet. So check with him or her, as they might have the perfect program outlined for you already.

When first starting your exercise program, the best thing is to go easy in the beginning. I remember when I first walked out onto the school track in my neighborhood. I was tired before I took my first lap. I think the first day I walked a couple of times

Healthy Living Tips 19 Things to Consider Before Joining a New Gym

The fact that you’re considering joining a gym (or are changing gyms) is an indication that you’re motivated to exercise and are on course to reaching your fitness goals, so CONGRATULATIONS! Finding the proper gym for you is a very important step, which should be taken seriously. It can make all the difference in terms of your consistency with exercise, and consistency is key. Quite simply, If you don’t like your gym, you’re not as likely to go there consistently. Then there’s all the guilt about not going, blah blah, blah, the whole scenario is unproductive. Bottom line: You need to like your gym and enjoy going there.

Here are some great healthy living tips on how to find the gym that is right for you:

  1. Most gyms will offer a free pass (normally a week or two, sometimes longer), so that you can “try before you buy”. Always accept and use the pass (use it as much as you can, as you want to learn a lot about the gym for free).
  2. Thumbs down to any gym that tries to pressure sell you on the spot or doesn’t offer a pass.
  3. Get a feel for the people

Twelve Healthy Living Tips to Keep That Post Yogic Glow

As a yoga teacher, many of my yoga students ask what they can do on a daily basis to cultivate and deepen their understanding of living a healthier yogic lifestyle.

Here, in no particular order are ten habits to adopt on a daily basis to keep you in the flow and maintain your inner yoga glow.

Top Ten Healthy Living Tips

1. As you wake up in the morning, spend the first few minutes in silence and quiet reflection. Quietly observe how you feel and make a conscious effort to gently stretch yourself awake and enjoy the feeling of being alive.

2. Take pleasure in the simple things in life – for instance, notice any random acts of kindness in yourself and others.

3. When you eat take a few moments to give thanks for your food, to acknowledge your role in the whole food cycle process and to eat with a sense of reverence and respect for your food.

4. Acknowledge others, take time to say please and thank you, especially thank you, at every opportunity you can.

5. Be genuine and thoughtful in the way you speak and listen.

Healthy Living Tips Carbs What You Really Need to Know

There are fad diets on the market, which are based on the notion that carbohydrate consumption is bad and is making you fat. They suggest cutting carbs from your diet (sometimes for prescribed periods of time, then gradually adding them back in). This has been problematic and counter-productive for people who are trying to lose weight and become fit. It is an unhealthy Idea.

The truth is that the human body requires the consumption of carbohydrates in order to function normally. Carbs provide a critical source of energy that our bodies need, in order to perform any and all basic daily activities. Your body, being a miraculous entity of intelligence an self preservation, knows this. This is why when you are not getting enough carbohydrates, you are craving them.

You can guess why the low carb diet phenomenon in recent years has caused a world of weight loss disappointment. Cutting carbs may cause temporary weight loss, but it is impossible to maintain and inevitably, you WILL give in to your body’s craving to make up for lost carbs. The process of regaining the carbs will feel like a pathetic loss of control, which will likely make

Your Physical Wellness Leads Every Aspect of Your Life Here Are Some Healthy Living Tips

Healthy Living Tips for Physical Wellness – your overall physical well being. When it’s not a hundred percent it means that you are not at your best, and that would affect all other aspects of your life. I know that. I’ve been there and it became a major lesson in my life.

I will share what I’ve learned here in hope that it would make a difference in your perception. It might even inspire you to change your life, forever.

About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with a life-threatening health condition. On that same blood test, a pregnancy was confirmed.

I was faced with crucial decisions of the kind that no one can prepare you for.

I was also fortunate enough to be guided in a way that allowed me to trust my intuition and make my own decisions. In the course of the following years I had to deal with various doctors and different opinions. I had a chance to talk to quite a few patients and my conclusion is very firm.

And so the first of my Healthy Living Tips for you is: the only person who really knows what’s

A Healthy Living Tip

It seems so difficult at times to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet. If it’s not one thing it’s usually another that keeps us from reaching positive results. This article will provide some healthy living tips that might just keep you on track in accomplishing your goals.

Healthy Living Tip-Eat Smaller Portions Like The Europeans

When visiting Paris several years ago, I was amazed that so many natives were carrying a weight that seemed to be in proportion to their bodies. I was window shopping downtown, and was drooling as I looked into some of the bakery’s that were loaded with the most “fattening” looking food on the planet. Pastries that were covered in cream and chocolate, that sent out an aroma that just lured you into the shop.

After purchasing my tasty delight, I proceeded to sit on one of the small bistro table’s right outside the bakery. There were several “Parisian’s” that were sitting nearby, all of whom were engaging in similar delights. As I went full bore into my weighty pastry, I noticed that the single item they had purchased was broken up into four smaller pieces.